Ringwood, New Jersey
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On january 8th of 2009, I was desperate for money . iwas approved and recieved a loan from ameriloan without doing any research, It was the biggest mistake ive ever made, they have been bleeding money out of my account since the original date of the loan and all efforts to contact them are usless. So far i have made a total of $736.00 in payments on a $300.00.

Ameriloan preys on people who are down on there luck and desperate for immediate cash, whoever reads this please spread the word about this company so that knowone else is subjected to the greediness of these guys

Monetary Loss: $300.

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In December I borrowed 250.00 dollars from Ameriloan and so far they have taken 550.00 dollars out of my account and threatening to sue for not paying the loan off. What a Scam. They all should be arrested.


I know where your coming from. I only borrowed $200 and i've already paid over $400. Im not happy with their service at all.

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