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All states have a department of financial institutions. All lenders lending in that state are to be licensed to do business in that state. Many states have laws that state if these or any payday loan companies are not licensed in that state, THEY CAN'T COLLECT ANY LOAN THEY HAVE MADE IN THAT STATE!

It also states in most cases, that not only they can't collect that loan, they can't harass you.

Instead of just ranting and raving about how ignorant you all are, turn that ignorance qinto some research that is easy to do on the net regarding the laws where you live!! When you find the law, search to see if the company is licensed in that state, most aren't. And they know you don't know this. Wise up!!! And do some work.

Good luck

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Thank you for posting- I didn't know this and I am totally calling tomorrow. Ameriloan loaned me $300 and I ended up paying $825--- abhorrent business practices.

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