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I took out a short term payday loan in november of 2012. I had to pay 190.00 back.I was told by a represenative that my payments would be 45.00 every two weeks until paid in full.

As Janurary approached i thought my payments payments were at a close. Well to my surprise i still owed over 100.00 and on 1-18-13 they took 95.00 more and still saying i owe more. Montell Williams sponsers the crooked loansharks.

I went to a website for pissed consumers and saw that i'm not the only person getting screwed. Help me.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I know this is a bit of an old thread but I had to chime in here.

these are NOT deceptive practices, they are $hitty for sure but NOT deceptive. deceptive would mean that they were trying to hide the actual fees which they CAN"T by law or she could sue them.

she, unlike MANY MANY others get taken in by the quick loans without reading fully into how the repayments work and how much they will owe in interest.

I learned this the hard way so I can say from experience. that being said you could close your account as the other person suggested then deal with the risk/consequences of doing so as they could then take you to court/sue for the amount still owed and claim you're trying to avoid a valid debt.


I have a solution to your problem close your accounts, so there aren't able to debit you any more due to deceptive practices

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