Its sad i took this loan out 1/16/11 and im still paying down and owe 520.00 What the f--- other payday loan companies help the customer not rob the customers.Why does it take so long to repay you can never talk to a live person on the weekends if you wait to call during the weekday it seems as if everyone leaves work early.I'm really thinking about closing my checking account and pay you when i want Ameriloan *** they just need to close up shop robbing the American. people so they are not better than most

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f*** ameriloan.That companie is a ripped off.Keep harassing me talking about taking me to court.I tried to file a complaint through the bbb and they are not even licensed in any state.


Idiots like you should quit blameing others! Your the one that cant manage your money DEADBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :p :upset :cry :cry

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