Boron, California

Please don't do pay day loans with this company. Fees are 782.14% well above the finance charge allowable in most states, including Oklahoma where they are located. Also they will roll over the loan (another no no in Oklahoma, as well as most other states) unless you notify them you don't wish to have a roll over (and in my husband's case even though he let them know he didn't want any rollovers and requested a onetime payoff!) They are linked to Money Mutual somehow so be careful, check the fine print on these loans when you take them out.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #244365

I took out a $100 loan with these people, and I knew what the interest would be from the start.They took it out on my next payday like they said they would, and I had no problem.

I think what most of you peope do is get wide-eyed and borrow way too much, don't borrow if you cannot pay it back, but like I say I understood the process, of course you going to have to pay a fee, just like you do if a check bounces at your bank.Never borrow money from anywhere unless you have the payback money you promised to pay back.


Icoul'nt believe the interest fee to begin with on alousy $300.00 90.00 plus the money your able to pay towards the loan,I paid 50.00 so it came to $140.00,the next payday snuk up on me and they took out $75.00 and ofcourse I was't able to pay towards the principle then they did it again If they lowered the interest payments I might be able to pay them back!!

HELLO now I can't pay for my pills or my mortgage thats why I originally did this *** thing!where does it end at least let me be able to pay you back lower the sick interest rates ,your stealing you can't go on ,please!!!

its not legal the attorney general is involved now!!!STOP IT YOUR KILLING ME LITERALLY


Did you read the contract or did you just click the button to get money? If you did read the FULL contract none of this would be surprising. First learn how to read and comprehend what you're reading before applying for a loan.

to oribiasi #648715

Everything is stated in the loan agreement documents you signed with this company.Don't take out a loan that you know nothing about, and surely don't agree to it if you can't pay it back.

Ignorance.Don't blame the company, blame yourself.

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