I called customer service this morning.And let tell you the representive, I had spoken with was very rude.

She sound like she was so gettho. She was not helping me at all. So I asked her why is they still charging me 90 dollars. When I have made agreement to pay the balance off in full.

And she was given me bs. I had ask her repeatdlly is there an issue that she is having with my account.

She was like your payment is due on November 6, 2009 for only 90 dollars.but I told her I have already paid the full amount for 390.00 dollars.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Here is a thought Warren. When ever you correct someones spelling, it just makes you look like a *** head. Which I am sure you are.


Actually Warren you spelled in incorrectly. it is spelled ghetto. So before you comment about someone else hit spell check & check your comment.

Audubon, Pennsylvania, United States #81841

I have read your complaint, and I have dealt with Ameriloan on several occassions for several years and never had a problem. Maybe it was the individual that you were dealing with. In addition, Here is some food for thought whenever your making a complaint, on the internet it's always good to use correct spelling and english and not write how you speak, you called the representative "guetto" this is the correct spelling...

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