Took loan from ameriloan for 400 dollars.Charged me 120 intrest.which is alot.

after two weeks I decided to pay the 120 intrest roll it over! So theye took 120 day early. thene charged me $30 for there mistake; my bank charged me$40. Called theme told theme take whole amount $400.

Instead theye tried to take $520,over drew me again $40. finaly called settled for $416.

In short unless you have absolutley no choice.do not do buisness with these people or a $400 dollar loan may cost you,285 intrest!!1 ps, call cash net.much better service lower rates

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Hi, I just signed up w/ these jerks and am so regretful that I didn't read the complaints FIRST.I may just close out my acct and then they won't get ANY money from me.

In other words, scam them before they scam me?? I don't remember if they took my social and if they did then how could they come after me? No one in their right mind would want my identity.

I had a home foreclosed and my credit is worse than horrible, so what would I need to worry about if I don't pay tnem back?They can't report me as they are not legit, right?


checkthislink www.paydayloan/legislation.com check your state,and look up your state laws regarding payday loans. Also check out this

site www.prepaidlegal/hub/robertkimball for prepaid legal services (it is like medical insurance only you get lawyers instead of doctors, and only $24 a month!) worth it's weight in gold truly! Don't let these guys scare you, you have rights, they are predatory lenders and answerable to laws and regulations!

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